light pink cropped trousers with a simple white vest

Choose a soft color that is close to white or has little contrast: for example, light pink cropped trousers with a simple white vest, cool and cool; a light blue top with lace and style White large swing skirt, stylish and feminine!
A white maxi skirt with a blue shirt, this method is suitable for most women to follow. Although it is a very simple match, but the woman with a white half-length dress, the feeling is more beautiful.
White maxi skirt with orange-red sleeveless vest T-shirt. This kind of matching is very suitable; it is also very bright, suitable for most women to emulate, is a very beautiful combination.

What kind of shoes to wear with the dress

What kind of shoes to wear with the dress: Foot shoes: The more the feet are exposed, the better the extension will be. It is easier to look at the legs, and the shoes will wrap your feet, thus reducing the number of legs. A lot of room to play. Pairing: Sneakers: A pair of sneakers, to spark the spark of casual fashion, but try not to choose too much color, because it is difficult to match purple: mature, with a little charming and black: the kind of business woman, capable, Sturdy with white: with a little playful, seemingly quiet with nude: it is a relatively light nude color, warm, I think these four will match the good looks, you want that kind of feeling, choose which Let’s go. Black and white are more popular, purple and nude, then what are the styles of this summer dress? Which kinds of lace are applied to the dress? What kind of wearing effect can the various styles bring? Lace is a woman’s heart The dream of the curtain, the woman’s soft and feminine interpretation of the best, wearing her only so gently to the streets to stand, can enchant a season. This summer, the theme of lace should wear a blue dress! The MM with a yellowish skin color can make yourself shine with a fascinating color. I will guide you how to match your clothes: 1. Girls with yellow skin must choose blue tops! The blue top can make any skin look white. Royal blue let skin